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Waycross is a summer camp and  year-round  conference center. We welcome groups that seek leadership development, spiritual growth or educational advancements. Everything from afternoon meetings to weekend conferences to week long retreats.


Waycross is a summer camp and  year-round  conference center. We welcome groups that seek leadership development, spiritual growth or educational advancements. Everything from afternoon meetings to weekend conferences to week long retreats.

Over the course of half a century, Waycross has grown to become an important center for leadership development and personal and spiritual growth.  Campers and program participants acquire new skills, find quiet time to contemplate their lives, and renew their connection with nature and spirit in Waycross’ contemplative and secluded natural setting.  For so many who come here, from nearby or from far away, Waycross has become an open door to a community where they belong, an anchor in their lives, and a place to come home. Below you will find more information on how you can increase your engagement with this thriving and well-loved community.

Annual Fund

A vibrant tradition of giving is at the heart of Waycross’ success in maintaining its exceptional spiritual and leadership services.  The Waycross Annual Fund ensures that program improvements are the best and most innovative available. The fund also  provides funding for  facility improvements, which make their implementation possible.  Your support of the Annual Fund serves this very worthy cause. Memorial and estate gifts endow the future and ensure stability and long-term growth.

Central to Waycross’ mission is providing holy hospitality to all who enter.This means meeting the practical needs well: clean, comfortable rooms and enjoyable community spaces; as well as the soul’s needs: great food, friendly faces, and incredible outdoor access to some of the very best Brown County has to offer
— Erica Jeglum, St. Paul's Youth Minister

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Every summer Waycross hosts hundreds of happy campers. Waycross' subscribes to the ‘No Child Left Inside’ policy. The goal is to prevent youth from missing out on the summer camp experience due to finances. The staff works with families by seeing how much the family can afford, setting up payment plans and filling in the gaps with scholarship funds. Parishes have also come together to send their youth to Waycross.  In fact, in the 2014 season parishes donated $26,000 which is a $16,000 increase from the previous year.

In the past two camping seasons the community made it possible for 148 children and young adults to become campers. That is why we are asking people to continue giving the gift of summer camp. The camping experience changes lives by providing new skills, building confidence and giving them a creative environment to explore who they are and what they can become.

Camp means friends, family, and friends that might as well be family. I love Waycross I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. Waycross is my second home it has helped me grow up and taught me so much.
— Abby Galvin, Camper

Current Fundraising Project: Conference Center Room Renovations 

Room 104 was completed by the combined efforts of the Waycross staff and volunteers. Jenifer Oliphant designed and decorated the room. Nick Johan gutted and renovated the space. The headboard was built and installed by Dave Johan.  Dan Dreyer assisted with the electrical,  Zella Rosene upholstered the foot stools and Ed Hutzel laid both the the tile and carpet. Thank you to Mike and Rachelle Galvin who donated a significant portion of the material cost.

This new layout features: a queen bed, seating area, higher commode, new bathroom fixtures and a headboard made from reclaimed Waycross wood.  We installed new wood styled tile in the entry way and bathroom with new carpet featured in the main area.

The polished concrete counter tops were done by local craftsman Ian Miller. His work is featured all around Brown County including at Big Woods Brewery.  The lamp shades are individually produced, high resolution, high fidelity, high tech scans of existing artwork reproduced with a special large format printer.

This successful room renovation is the blueprint for future rooms. This ambitious project will enhance the conference center experience and set Waycross apart from our competitors. If you are interested in contributing this incredible endeavor contact our office or use the donation button below.  As you can see it is hard work and dedication that makes Waycross a better place.