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7363 Bear Creek Rd
Morgantown, IN, 46160


Waycross is a summer camp and  year-round  conference center. We welcome groups that seek leadership development, spiritual growth or educational advancements. Everything from afternoon meetings to weekend conferences to week long retreats.

Behind The Scenes


Health and Safety 

Health and safety are the most important aspect of camp.  The American Camp Association (ACA) is a professional association that advocates for children and the camp profession.  As an ACA accredited camp, all Waycross health and safety procedures follow the national standards set by the ACA.  A full-time nurse or physician is present 24 hours a day each week to serve in the Health Center. In case of emergency, the local fire department provides excellent services. Waycross is located just 35 minutes away from two major hospitals.


At Waycross we have a quality, professional and caring staff.  Staff members are chosen based on maturity, responsibility, and their experience working with children and teens. Prior to camp, staff members undergo training to develop teamwork skills, supervision skills and health procedures.

All staff members are certified in first aid, CPR and AED responses by the American Red Cross and American Heart Association.  Certified lifeguards and boating instructors are used for aquatic activities.  

Staff leaders are professionally trained to facilitate the use of the climbing wall and zip line by Experiential Systems Inc., a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

Waycross Camp is a true home away from home. It is a place, and an experience, like no other. It lets you express yourself freely, make new friends, and make relationships that lasts a lifetime. I would be nothing like who I am today without going to camp.
— Lucas Murphy, Waycross Camper