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We would love to hear from you! Use the form to the right! All questions are emailed to both our Conference Center Coordinator, Jenifer Oliphant and the Marketing Director, Elizabeth Wheeler. 

7363 Bear Creek Rd
Morgantown, IN, 46160


Waycross is a summer camp and  year-round  conference center. We welcome groups that seek leadership development, spiritual growth or educational advancements. Everything from afternoon meetings to weekend conferences to week long retreats.

2016 Camp Survey

Receiving feedback from campers and camp families is an important part of the evaluation of our summer camp program. Your input let's us know how we're doing as a program and whether or not we're meeting our camp goals. Please take a moment to talk to your camper(s) about their experience this summer and complete the survey below. The short survey includes open and close-ended questions and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. If a question does not apply or you do not want to answer it, you may leave it blank. 

Purpose of Waycross Camp
Waycross is a Christian camp in a natural setting which provides an opportunity for campers to discover and grow in their awareness of God by sharing adventures, living in community, exploring nature, learning new skills, and reflecting.

Waycross Camp Goals
1. To live and be a part of a faith-based community as modeled by Christ and his teachings
2. To foster the development of individual's life skills
3. To be a responsible member of God's creation
4. To have fun and be creative

Thank you for you time and input!